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Kennedy One Portable Dispensing System

Kennedy One Portable Dispensing System

  • For easy, accurate dispensing of concentrated cleaners like Kenclean Plus and Deep Clean II.  For use with any gallon container. (Will not work with our quarts or 2.5 gallon container.)
  • Dispenser comes with a 6 foot hose which attaches to a standard sink faucet.  The dispenser itself is attached to the hose and screws onto your gallon container of cleaner.  When you're ready to clean, you just turn on your sink and the dispenser will automatically add the correct ratio of cleaner to the water coming from the hose.  
  • Can be used to fill up mop buckets, bucketless mops, Spray-N-Roll II, even smaller spray bottles!
  • Spill-proof, hands free filling!


  • Price: $153.75
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